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The Adventure

Dream Fishing Adventures will provide an all- expense paid, 8 - day trip to the mysterious Amazon. Home to the Legendary Peacock Bass, to the person who buys the winning ticket.

The winner will be picked up at his home in a limo, taken to the airport walked through customs and whisked away... Next stop Manaus, Brazil, at the confluence of El Rio Negro and the mighty Amazon River... and home to the fabled peacock bass... Beautiful, powerful, gargantuan in size and the acknowledged king of fresh water angling.

There he will dine at tables he wishes his wife could see and sink into the comfort lodging that would ensure deep, peaceful sleep... If only he could stop his mind from racing.

For the next eight days, he will live the dream. he will battle lunkers that will make the one hanging over his mantle look like chum. He will live and dine in luxurious surroundings aboard "the mother ship".

From there he will set off each morning and wondering whether he was stalking the fish or they were stalking him. So many were they that tasted his lure. Who said that adventures had to only be canned chili and stinging insects?

All our winner has to do is bring himself, some sunblock and a few pairs of cargo pants. All of the concerns, one would normally experience when traveling to a foreign country, to enjoy a fishing adventure, are taken care of by people who live there and know the laws and regulations.