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      along the way, these anglers have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in membership raffles, G.A.F sponsored fishing adventures of a lifetime and special purchases they would make anyway for items such as gasoline, exotic fishing charters, and fine living and dining at some of the world's greatest recreation and vacation destinations. in short, it is an organization of individuals that enjoy the challenge, adventure and chance of going after a dream that lies only a grasp away from realization. 

This is your invitation to become part of an organization that could make you a world champion. It could deliver thousands of dollars into your pocket, and it could introduce you to the most exciting fishing adventures known to the world of angling. You could win valuable prizes of fishing equipment, apparel and trips. At the very least you will help preserve our fish populations for generations to come. G.A.F. is not an alternative to your national or local fishing clubs, rather we help support local fishing activities and programs. When you win one of our membership drawings your club wins as well